Basic Gardening Pippa Greenwood

ISBN: 9780789427779

Published: March 15th 1998


72 pages


Basic Gardening  by  Pippa Greenwood

Basic Gardening by Pippa Greenwood
March 15th 1998 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 72 pages | ISBN: 9780789427779 | 7.52 Mb

Holy Moses, what a barn burningly good read!!!Just kidding. Its a book about gardening. By law I dont think its allowed to be interesting.It is however fairly informative, though on a very basic level as the title suggests. I constantly found myself finishing the ultra concise passages thinking, okay, thank you for that...but why?Basic Gardening gives the novice gardener the barest of essentials to get your plants planted, your lawn laid, and your fruit trees funky...sorry, I was trying to maintain the alliteration, an abhorrent practice in the best of times.

Anywhoodle, Basic Gardening is a quick read, perfect for that first step towards a greener backyard.Rating: Perhaps it deserves a higher rating considering it does what it sets out to do. Meh, its an informative-yet-boring textbook...3.5 stars!PS: I said get your lawn laid Heh-heh...dirty.PIX APPENDIX!!!Heres my front yard before I landscaped it...BEFOREAnd here it is after, sans the shrubs Ive put in around the border since the pic was taken.

I think its an improvement...AFTERPerhaps I did learn something from this book.

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