Gibraltar, The Story of My Heart Johannes F. Lisiecki


Published: August 12th 2015



Gibraltar, The Story of My Heart  by  Johannes F. Lisiecki

Gibraltar, The Story of My Heart by Johannes F. Lisiecki
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This book is the tale of a remarkable man. With his excellent physical condition and active lifestyle, Johannes F. Lisiecki was not a likely candidate for heart disease. Yet one day he found himself suffering a major cardiac event that soon led to open heart surgery and a complicated recovery.

Despite the challenges, within a year Johannes was swimming many miles each week, had established an organization to promote awareness of congenital heart disease, and set a goal to swim the Strait of Gibraltar. His endurance and perseverance amazed the doctors, but Johannes believes other heart patients can make the same dramatic recovery. This book gives a truly inspiring and realistic view of the events surrounding heart surgery and the recovery process, including the psychological journey for patients and their caregivers. It is definitely a must read for anyone undergoing heart surgery and/or treatment.

This book contains all the elements we love: danger, suspense, pathos, human emotions, and real life situations. Johannes’ story helps us remember that more than one person is involved in every medical event. Gibraltar, The Story of My Heart is a fascinating and incredibly detailed account of one man’s experience as a heart patient—an experience that will be extremely helpful to others who face the same journey.

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