Seidman and Son Elick Moll


Published: 1956


288 pages


Seidman and Son  by  Elick Moll

Seidman and Son by Elick Moll
1956 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 288 pages | ISBN: | 8.12 Mb

I rather enjoyed it (I read it as a readers digest version by the way)Reading it as a readers digest version is probably the reason why it felt a bit fast paced and I even felt like the people were talking too fast.The first short side story was a bit confusing for me as I didnt know where the story with Max and Mr.

Seidman was going because after the whole episode, Maxs name never showed up again throughout the book. Have they actually ended business in the end? Im not too sure...The main story about the son being back from Korean war was an interesting one. The transition from a idealist from a normal capitalist seemed a bit fast though.

Just one trip around different states doesnt usually change a persons mind so easily. Especially when hes been through some traumatic experience in Korea. He just seemed to put it to the side pretty easily after travelling and working for a while.I think that should have been the end of the book.

I didnt really like how the writer made the story a bit longer by adding in a bit of side story about the designer and Seidman or Herald and his wife. It just sort of seemed unnecessary.All and all, Ive enjoyed the book.

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